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Making funding less stressful and more transparent, Green Leaf Money helps entrepreneurs secure the capital they need to see their business dreams become reality.

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Here's a little about who we are.

With over 25 years of shared experience working in the financial services industry, we offer unparalleled lender relationships and resources. The team's extensive background in Underwriting and Portfolio Credit Management allows us to connect start-ups and small business owners with the funding they need in the fastest, most efficient and affordable way possible.

If you're seeking Start Up Financing, Operating Capital, or Equipment Financing and Leasing, Green Leaf Money is the first, right and only choice.

Our 4 Step Process »

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Our 4 Step Process

1. Request

Apply online.
To help start or grow your business, we're going to need to know a bit about you. With our online application, we make it easy to provide that information and once you submit, we'll get back to you shortly.

2. Discuss

A good conversation is guaranteed.
We'll do the research and call you to discuss your business needs. Together we'll build a roadmap, providing you with various funding options and strategies on how best to achieve success. There's no obligation and since we know your industry, it's easy to get to know us.

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Our 4 Step Process


3. Finance

Getting funded is a beautiful thing.
Once you decide to work with us, our team will guide you through the necessary steps to get your business funded. You'll have access to our wide range of financial resources and solutions, as well as constant contact with your team of GLM advisers. Each plan is uniquely tailored to meet your needs and our knowledge, dedication and attention-to-detail will ensure its success.

4. Fund

The money's in your hands.
We take your success seriously. Once your funding is secured, our team will provide ongoing support for your business to help you best utilize your capital and continue to grow.

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Does Business and Personal Credit Matter?

Yes. Yes. Credit scores matter. With a personal credit score of 680 or above the majority of applicants that apply for financing are approved. To discuss alternative options (such as: bringing on a 680+ Credit Partner) and/or if you need help building your credit... we can help. Contact Green Leaf Money to discuss your situation.

What Types of Businesses Do You Fund?

All Types of Businesses Can Apply. While we specialize in Small Business Funding our team helps many different business types reach their financing goals.

How Long Does the Process Take?

21 days or less (in most cases). Our team takes pride in funding projects in the least amount of time necessary (we work hard for you).

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